The Sun Saboteurs - Damon Knight / The Light of Lilith - G. McDonald Wallis - 1961 Ace Double Paperback

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Cover: The Light of Lilith by Ed Emshwiller 

Cover2: The Sun Saboteurs by Ed Valigursky

Blurb: “The Sun Saboteurs: REFUGEES FROM TERRA

Lazlo Cudyk, Seu Min, Father Exarkos-their names suggested vastly different ancestory, dissimilar back-grounds. But on the Niori planet where they lived, those names also suggested an important common de. nominator: all of them were immigrants from Earth.

For Earth, having been spent on war and destruction, was no longer capable of supporting anything more than the most primitive agrarian society. And men of intellect and learning, if they were to find any kind of existence at all, had to find it on alien planets.

It wouldn't have been a bad life, either, had there been any rapport between the Earthmen and their hosts. But the Niori had no understanding-or trust_of a people that could kill and destroy. And the Earthmen were not sure that they could prove their new-found maturity quickly enough to keep from being banished forever to a home-world gone backwards in time!


In the strange light of the planet Lilith, Mason saw

the future:

"Man was being scorched off the face of the Earth, and burned like a pestilence of the other neighboring planets. For now was the time of the end of his sun.

"And knowing that, for an instant Mason knew also how far he had traveled. Not some thousands of light-years through space, through swirling galaxies and suns; that, yes, but not only that. He had also traveled into time, some ten thousand million years into the future to witness the end of the world.

"Not all the resources of the heavens, racing faster than the speed of light, could save the enormous popu lation from its fate.

But somehow Mason realized that he had been granted this vision for a purpose. In his foreknowledge lay the hope that this thing might not come to pass.

Somehow, someway, on the eerie world of Lilith, there was a by-pass to that far-off doom. Would he know it when he saw it?“