The Summer Queen - Joan D. Vinge - Warner Books Paperback - Michael Whelan Cover

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Cover artist: Michael Whelan


FAMILY SAGA EPIC." - Washington Post Book World

MOON DAWNTREADER is Lady of Tiamat, pledged to forever end offworld exploitation and save the mers, whose blood gives immortality. But hostile Summer tribes and treacherous Winters plot to subvert... THE SUMMER QUEEN

INSPECTOR BZ GUNDHALINU, driven mad by his love for Moon, finds the ancient science of true starflight; but brings blood, greed, and ruin back to Tiamat when he returns to win.. THE SUMMER QUEEN

REEDE KULLERVO, a dark genius with no memory or morals, his very soul burned from his body, is unleashed on Tiamat; a perfect monster programmed to destroy.. THE SUMMER QUEEN

And when passion overwhelms the destinies of worlds, when betrayal devastates the tapestries of time, these three will be linked in a mystery that spans eternity, a threat to the entire cosmos, as enemies together, they must unlock the unbearable final secret of... THE SUMMER QUEEN

"Space opera on the grandest scale--a pleasure to read!" -Locus

"A sequel even more successful than the works that preceded it. Given that The Snow Queen won the 1981 Hugo for best novel, this is high praise indeed." -Philadelphia Inquirer.”

ISBN 0-446-36251-4