The Suiciders - J.T. McIntosh 1973 1st Avon Books Paperback

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Blurb: “KILL AND DIE - That was the battle tactic of the Tinkers, rough, vicious interplanetary invaders who would rather die than be captured alive. Controlling them in some way were The Six-an occult group that had learned how to duplicate human beings and use them as pawns in a grandiose plan to control interstellar space.

Defending civilization against this onslaught were Rey Cot-trell, a war consultant without even a fortress from which to fight his battle, and Captain Brixby, a lone idealist faced with mutiny when he tried to take his ship into the combat zone. Their chances seemed hopeless - especially since Cottrell suspected that there were supernatural forces in. volved that could take over the whole galaxy!

J.T. McIntosh, famous for many years for his action packed science fiction adventures, has excelled himself with this new blend of drama and totally original, mind expanding ideas!”