The Stochastic Man - Robert Silverberg - 1976 Fawcett Gold Medal Edition

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This book checks a lot of fun boxes: Near-Future, Dystopia, and Alternate/Parallel Universe!

Blurb:  "In a not-too-distant future, the assassination of an all-powerful New York City Mayor has plunged the five boroughs back into a dangerous cesspool of crime, drugs, and prostitution. Professional prognosticator Lew Nichols joins the campaign team of a fast-rising politico running for the city's top office, and is introduced to a man who privately admits to being able to view glimpses of the future. Lew becomes obsessed with capturing the man's gift and putting it to use for his candidate, but struggles to accept the strict terms he arranges with his mentor ... and the unforgiving predetermination of the future."

Cover art: Cover art is not credited and the signature on the cover is almost illegible.

Literary Awards:
Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novel (1976),
Nebula Award Nominee for Novel (1975),
John W. Campbell Memorial Award Nominee for Best Science Fiction Novel (1976)