The Star Fox - Poul Anderson - Johannes Regn Cover - 1965 BCE Doubleday Hardback

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Blurb: "No one will believe the truth about the ingenious plot of the Aleriona people to claim title to the almost untouched planet - New Europe. Only Gunnar Heim dares risk his life and interplantary peace to set New Europe free from control of these strange and alien beings. A space-age patriot carves a civilization of the future in a strange new world haunted by surrealistic citizens, walking forests, slaughter machines...and the memories of lost love.
Poul Anderson, 1964 winner of the coveted Hugo Award and author of High Crusade, has written an adventure that stuns the imagination...The Star Fox."

Cover art: Johannes Regn


Nebula Award Nominee for Best Novel (1965), 

Prometheus Hall of Fame Award (1995)