The Space Guardian - Max Daniels - 1978 Pocket Books Paperback - Boris Vallejo Cover

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Cover art: Boris Vallejo

Blurb: “There is one power beyond all powers!The search for the legendary heartstone is on--and Lanks Mhoss, officer of the Guardian Institute, is on her way.Using her gifts as a Changeling to mold her physical shape into any form imaginable, Lahks--with her gallant comrades, Stoat and Shom--tackles the horrors of the unknown in a never-ending quest.Through ferocious battles with fire-eating dragons and amazing encounters with the galaxy's beast of burden--the two-humped drom--to the happy discover of the "Laughing City of the Changeling," the dauntless trio is determined not to fail. For once they possess the magnificent stone, Lahks alone will hold the power to alter the entire universe!”