The Song of Phaid the Gambler - Mick Farren - 1981 Nel Books Paperback - Tim White Cover

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Cover Artist: Tim White

Publisher Blurb: “The first truly post 20th century fantasy!”

Chad Eagleton, Amazon reviewer in 2015 said: “Citizen Phaid is the sequel to Phaid The Gambler. This book finds our drunken, gambler hero caught up in a revolution, thrown in jail as a “political prisoner,” and forced to serve as an unwilling pawn in a scheme hatched by an alien mind. The story moves very well and fast but it’s not really an action-filled, heavily-plotted novel if that's what you're looking for. The strength of Mick’s science fiction has always been his world building and his focus on those aspects of life that most science fiction writers tend to ignore: pop culture, art, drugs, sex, revolution, politics, class, and simply the day-to-day aspects of human interactions and relationships. Those are all showcased here and, thanks to a slightly less “far out” storyline, it's one of his stronger and more approachable books.”


Recommended reading for any Sci Fan and mandatory for the dystopian futures fans among you.

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