The Sky is Filled with Ships - Richard C. Meredith - 1969 First Printing - Jerome Podwil Cover

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Cover artist: Jerome Podwil

Blurb: "The Colony planets were in revolt against Earth!

For 1200 years, the vast organization that is the Solar Trading Company has maintained intergalactic harmony, giving objective help and protection to Earth and her multifarious colony worlds. And it has held mankind together through two bloody battles with the powerful Alliance of Rebels. -But when Starship Captain and loyal STC employee, Robert Janas, uncovers secret plans for a third rebel uprising, he is surprised to find that no one inside the STC - not evewn the President, Altho Franken will listen. For the Solar Trading Company is riddled with corruption, and is now more powerful than Earth itself. -The rebel forces are gathering, and Robert Janas is the only person who can save humanity from holocaust..