The Silicon Dagger - Jack Williamson - 2000 Tor Books Paperback

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Publisher Blurb: “The murder of his reporter brother leads Clay Barstow to a small Kentucky town, where he uncovers a deadly conspiracy involving a new technology of extraordinary and deadly power and finds himself hunted by a murderous local militia out to declare independence from the United States of America.”

Great review: “Jack Williamson published his first story in 1928 and usually when I read one of his stories, it's vintage pulp science fiction. So it's a shock to read a modern Jack Williamson novel, with 300 pages, modern characters and ideas, and high quality writing skills. Published in 1999, this book is his take on the cyberpunk genre popular in the 80s and 90s. Rather than present it as the usual blur of reality and cyberspace, the story plays out entirely in back water McAdam County, Kentucky, filled with simple people, racist militias, an abortion-clinic-bombing evangelist, and libertarian rebels.”