The Sign of the Moonbow - Andrew J. Offutt - 1977 Zebra Books Paperback - Tom Barber Cover

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Cover Artist: Tom Barber

Publisher Blurb: “In pursuit of the wizard Thulsa Doom, Cormac mac Art and his giant red-beared companion Wulfhere Hausakluifr have traveled far and suffered much. At last, the sorcerer is theirs, imprisoned in the only way his magic cannot overcome: impaled with two long swords on the mast of Cormac's ship.

Bas the Druid reads the prophecy:

"The skull of the undying wizard severed and wrapped in good leather must be put into the hands of a crowned woman. She must pound the skull into dust with an iron hammer..."

But even as the Druid speaks, Cormac's ship seems to shudder- and suddenly the familiar shores of Eirrin are no more. For the wizard, unable to escape his fate, has vanished into another dimension - and taken his captors with him!”

Tags: fantasy, sword and sorcery