The Shrinking Man - Richard Matheson - 1958 1st Gold Medal Giant Paperback - Mitchell Hooks Cover

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Cover art:


watching his every move.

The man's name was Scott Carey. He had begun to shrink

eighteen months ago and no doctor in the world could tell him why, of stop it.

He was seve inches tall the week the door swung shut and the fellar of his own house became a vast prison.

He was six inches tall the day the real terror began.

The day the black widow spider swung down from the shadows and came scrabbling across the concrete at him on giant, spiny legs ...

About I AM LEGEND, Richard Matheson's first Gold Medal excursion into the never-land of dread:

"Fresh and vivid... tale of horrors with the direct down-to-earth vigor stemming from the hard-boiled detective story which has characterized the best Gold Medal novels in other fields... A resounding success..." - Anthony Boucher ”