The Shore of Women - Pamela Sargent - 1987 Bantam Books Paperback - Rallé Cover

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Cover art: Rallé

Blurb: “A catastrophic nuclear war has destroyed civilization, and women have rebuilt a new world on the ruins of the old. They live secluded in vast, walled cities, controlling all science and technology, determined to keep men from ever regaining the power to destroy the Earth. Here love between the sexes is strictly forbidden, procreation is an impersonal biological duty and men roam the wilderness in nomadic bands. worshipping the psycho-kinetic images of females as goddesses.

One rebellious young woman dares to question the ways of the city. Exiled by her people and left for dead, Birana survives among the primitive men and finds forbidden love in the arms of Arvil, a solitary young hunter. Pursued by the jealous guardians of society. who fear Birana will reveal their sacred secrets, the lovers challenge the harsh laws of two intolerant worlds in their quest for a refuge where they can live— and love— as equals.

A stunning new work of breathtaking scope, vivid detail and high adventure. The Shore of Women is a thought-provoking love story of the future by one of the best new SF talents of our time.”