The Second Book of Fritz Leiber 1975 Daw Books Jack Gaughan Cover

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Condition. Acceptable. This paperback is like 50 years old. There’s a slight tear in the bottom right of the cover bolstered by a piece of tape on the backside.



The book consists of five fantasy, science fiction and horror short stories alternating with six related articles, together with a foreword by the author. Some pieces were original to the collection. Others were originally published in the magazines Astounding Science Fiction for September 1950, Science Digest for April 1961, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine for February 1961, and The Arkham Sampler for Spring 1948, and the anthology Science Fiction Thinking Machines (1954).

The Second Book of Fritz Leiber is a collection of short stories and articles by American writer Fritz Leiber. It was first published in paperback in January 1975 by DAW Books.


· Foreword · fw
· The Lion and the Lamb · nv Astounding Sep ’50
· The Mighty Tides [“What Makes the Mighty Tides”] · ar Science Digest Apr ’61
· Trapped in the Sea of Stars [Fafhrd & Gray Mouser] · ss *
· Fafhrd and Me · ar, 1963
· Belsen Express · ss *
· Ingmar Bergman: Fantasy Novelist · br Fantastic Mar ’74
· Scream Wolf · ss Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Feb ’61
· Those Wild Alien Words: II · ar *
· The Mechanical Bride · pl Science Fiction Thinking Machines, ed. Groff Conklin, Vanguard, 1954
· Through Hyperspace with Brown Jenkin · ar The Dark Brotherhood and Other Pieces, Sauk City: Arkham House, 1966; revised from Shangri-L’Affaires, September 1963.
· A Defense of Werewolves [“Fantasy on the March”] · ar Arkham Sampler Spr ’48