The Red Wyvern - Katharine Kerr - 1998 Bantam Books Paperback - Paul Youll Cover

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Blurb: “Katharine Kerr's richly Imagined cycle of novels set in

Deverry and the Westlands has earned a devoted following - and a reputation as the finest Celtic fantasy being written today.

Now she returns to Deverry's war ravaged past....


In a kingdom torn by clvil war, young Lillorigga seeks to shield her dawning powers from her cruel mother Merodda's manipulation, Mistress of a magic that, untamed, could kill her, Lilt brings her terrifying visions under the kindlier tutelage of the mysterlous dweomermaster, Nevyn.

But soon she must choose between her own clan and the true king who fights to claim his rightful throne, between sanctuary and blood feud, loyalty and love. Little does she dream that the slaughter she invites, and the malevolence she defies, could stalk her across the ages...twisting and twining the strands of timeless destinies.


"Katharine Kerr is both a good writer and a thorough Celtic scholar.

Indeed, her work is beginning to invite comparison with Katherine Kurtz's massive Deryni saga."

-Chicago Sun-Times

"Kerr fluently and gracefully limns her Celtic-based medieval world, depicting attractive and colorful men, women and elves."

- Publishers Weekly”