The Printer’s Devil - Chico Kidd - 1995 Baen Books Paperback - Newell Convers & Courtney Skinner Cover

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Cover art: Newell Convers & Courtney Skinner


Sometimes the evil magicians do lives after them, lying in wait for the unwary....And thus Alan Bellman falls prey to an elaborate trap laid in the 17th century by wizard Roger Southwell. But though her husband becomes a helpless spirit-captive, the dead warlock's long-laid plans are thrown into confusion by Alan's wife, who finds allies in unexpected places: Intertwined with the story of 1990's couple Kim and Alan is that of Fabian Stedman and his wife Katherine, two of the wizard's 17th century contemporaries. Thanks to the evil wizard, their story ended tragically, but it is through their sorrows that the here-and-now Kim gains the knowledge and strength to carry on her bat-tle, first against the wizard and finally the powers of Hell itself.”