The Portable Faulkner: Revised and Expanded Edition - Edited by Malcolm Cowley - 1969 6th The Viking Press Paperback

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This is the best comprehensive cross section of Faulkner's writing in one volume. By means of stories and episodes from ten of his books, it offers a panorama of life in Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi-Faulkner's mythical kingdom—from the time of the first white settlers to the age of neon and nylon. It includes three stories almost of novel length: "The Bear,

" "Spotted Horses," and "Old Man."

The original edition of The Portable Faulkner, published in 1946, was the book that introduced his work to a wider public. "The job is splendid," Faulkner said at the time in a letter to the editor. "Damn you to hell anyway. But even if I had beat you to the idea, mine wouldn't have been this good. By God, I didn't know myself what I had tried to do, and how much I had succeeded."

Besides the material in the original volume, and besides the indispensable Nobel Prize Address, this new edition includes "The Court-house" and "The Jail," two long stories in which Faulkner adds episodes and characters to his Yoknapatawpha legend. Malcolm Cowley has rewritten his editorial notes. His Introduction, a landmark in Faulkner studies, has been lengthened with an Afterword that considers Faulkner's work in retrospect.

''The selection from Faulkner's work is made not merely to give a cross section or a group of good examples but to demonstrate one of the principles of integration in the work.... The introductory essay is one of the few things ever written on Faulkner which is not hag-ridden by prejudice or preconception and which really sheds some light on the subject."


"The book is a real contribution to the study of Faulkner's work."


MALCOLM COWLEY, poet, critic, and editor, is the author of several books, including The Literary Situation, Exile's Return, and The Faulkner-Cowley File. He has edited many others, including Writers at Work.

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