The Poetry and Prose of Heinrich Heine - Heinrich Heine 1948 The Citadel Press vintage HBDJ

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Condition:  Acceptable: Signs of wear and consistent use. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: (Selected & Edited with an Introduction by Frederic Ewen; (Poetry Translated by  Louis Untermeyer, Humbert Wolfe, Emma Lazarus, et al. ; Prose newly translated by Frederic Ewen. The translation of both the poems and prose is excellent. Some excerpts:

"I have never laid great store by poetic glory, and whether my songs are praised or blamed matters little to me. But lay a sword on my bier, for I have been a good soldier in the wars of human liberation."

Your letter does not move me
Although the words are strong;
You say you will not love me---
But ah, the letter's long....

Twelve pages, neat and double.
A little essay! Why,
One never takes such trouble
To write a mere good by.

"A book, like a child, needs time to be born. Books written quickly---within a few weeks----make me suspicious of the author. A respectable woman does not bring a child into the world before the ninth month."

"I hate that abortion which is called State-Religion...It is injurious to the interests of religion herself and her sacred character that she be invested with special privileges...and that her ministers in return should pledge themselves to uphold the State in order to retain that endowment. Thus one hand washes the other; the spiritual washes the temporal and vice versa; and what you have is twaddle and nonsense which is folly towards God and an abomination to men."