The Planet Pirates - Anne McCaffrey / Elizabeth Moon / Jody Lynn Nye

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Publisher Blurb ":THE PLANET PIRATES ENSLAVED SASSINAK AND DESTROYED HER WORLD...A FATAL MISTAKE!The Planet Pirates traces the careers of two remarkable women. Sassinak escaped from slavery to freedom, and then used that freedom to fight the evil that had wrecked her world, first as a cadet, later as a captain, and finally as an Admiral of the Fleet.Lunzie, one of the galaxy's greatest healers, is Sassinak's great-grandmother -- but in actual years she is her junior; Lunzie spent nearly a century in coldsleep waiting for rescue when her ship was destroyed. Imagine their mutual surprise when Sassinak rescued her.How together Sassinak and Lunzie save first a world, and then a confederation of worlds -- and almost in passing establish amity between the genetically engineered Heavy Worlders and normal humanity -- is the story of The Planet Pirates.Publisher's Note: Never in our experience has a new series met with such solid success as our national bestsellers, THE PLANET PIRATES: Sassinak, The Death of Sleep, and Generation Warriors."

Series: Planet Pirates: Book 1 - 3

Cover Artist: Stephen Hickman