The Paradox of the Sets - Brian M. Stableford - 1979 Daw Books Paperback - H.R. Van Dongen Cover

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Cover artist: H.R. Van Dongen


The setup on the colonized planet Geb seemed ideal for humanity. Beside its habitable climate, it also possessed a ready-made slave-labor reserve. There were semi-intelligent natives, humanoid, unaggressive, willing to work. And so the colony thrived....

By the time that the recontact ship

Daedalus arrived with its trained Earth scientists, things had become less simple. The

enigma of the native Sets jarred with the types of life evolved on Geb. It had become obvious that the Sets with their slave programming must have originated elsewhere-might even be an android creation.

And that left the Daedalus with the greatest and most important problem of their whole cruise. Who were the originators of these Sets?

Did Earth have a competitor Out There?”