X-Files Scully and Alien Action Figures and The Official Guide to the X-Files - Brian Lowry

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👀 this amazing action figure duo!

Publisher blurb
: "Don't hide from the truth -- you'll find it in here
For inside information on TV's hottest show, turn to this unique compendium of The X-Files facts and figures. Everything you must know is in here, including:

* A complete and detailed episode guide for season 1 & 2
* Scores of never-before-seen photos
* A look behind the scenes and on the set
* Fascinating stories that trace the show's origin, including interviews with creator Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson -- everyone in front of and behind the camera that brings The X-Files to life
* Biographies of cast and crew
* A detailed look at the extraordinary special effects, who creates then, and how they are done
* Character studies of Mulder and Scully -- as well as detailed breakdowns of favorite villains and recurring characters
* Plus, intriguing trivia and sidebars of "Mulderisms" and "Scullyisms"

Your passport to the unknown is here."