The Nikola Tesla Puzzle Collection: An Electrifying Series of Challenges, Enigmas, and Puzzles - Richard Galland - 2015 Hardback

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Blurb:  “Enter the fascinating world of Nikola Tesla, the pioneering electrical engineer, inventor, physicist and futurist. Most famous for his contribution to the way electricity is supplied and used to this day, Tesla was responsible for the development of Alternating Current electricity and also conducted pioneering research into X-rays, radio waves, remote control, fluorescent light, the electric motor, the laser, and more. This book immerses you in Teslas inventions; innovations and experiments as you embark on a quest to solve the puzzles inside...

Delving into Tesla's life and times as well as his inventions, this book contains many different puzzle types: riddles, logic puzzles, lateral thinking, memory tests and more. All solutions and explanations are included.”