The Night Church - Whitley Streiber - 1983 BCE Simon and Schuster Hardback

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By day Holy Spirit is parish center to the folk of Richmond Hill and Kew Gardens in New York's very mundane borough of Queens. By day Father Harry Goodwin serves his dwindling flock of Irish and Italian widows and struggles vainly to meet his bills. By night the Spirit is host to quite another constituency: a huge, rich and gaudy congregation that meets for rituals of a very different kind.

In the small hours Holy Spirit offers no sanctuary to the innocent. For Jonathan Titus Banion and Patricia Murray, solving the riddle of the Night Church and their role in its ancient hierarchy is a matter of life and death - for themselves and for civilization as we know it.

Whitley Strieber, author of The Wolfen and The Hunger; has been praised by Peter Straub for his

"pure and original invention." Nowhere are these powers more dramatically in evidence than in this eerie novel of an alternate church —a church with its roots in the plague-ridden darkness of the Middle Ages and its sinister tentacles in the technological future, a church eternally at war with the militant priests of the Holy Inquisition.

The Night Church may possess you.