The Mind Brothers - Peter Heath - 1967 Magnum Books Paperback Edition - Armand Weston Cover

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Blurb: “Crossroads in Time
The last man alive in Earth's dim future helps foil a deadly espionage plot...TODAY!!

The future of life on Earth is at a few days, hours, or minutes ago civilization took the wrong turn. Can the fatal mistake be corrected? Can the future be canged?

Jason Starr, genius, found himself the focal point of a complex Communist plot against America...and as a thoroughly discredited scientist, there seemed to be nothing he could do about it.

Not until he was joined by Adam Cyber, that is. Adam Cyber: last man--or superman--to survive in that bleak future, and Jason Starr's Mind Brother. Cyber returned through millennia to try to change Earth's course. And when the Mind Brothers met, computers went crazy, all predictions were worthless--and a new kind of spy was born!”

Cover artist: Armand Weston