The Mind Behind The Eye - Joseph Green - 1971 Daw Books Paperback - Josh Kirby Cover

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Cover art: Josh Kirby

Blurb: “In the fairly near future, genetic engineering has produced two super-intelligent men: Gold in the U.S.A. and Petrovna in the U.S.S.R. Meanwhile the solar system has been visited by aliens who seem to want to eliminate homo sapiens. An alien ship comes to grief, but its occupant survives with extensive brain damage. He is—wait for it—a 300 foot humanoid giant. Petrovna has a good idea: scoop the damaged brain section out, install computer control of muscles plus a chamber to contain a human being, then return said giant to his own planet so that the spy in his head can find out what's cooking. Petrovna is killed, but Gold and Petrovna's female assistant carry out the mission...”