The Men in the Jungle - Norman Spinrad 1989 Luis Rey Cover Paperback Edition

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Blurb: “The Men in the Jungle is the 1967 novel by Norman Spinrad which charts the adventure of three political entrepreneurs who flee the Solar System as their regime, the Belt Free State is being surrounded and defeated by the military forces of the Confederated States of Terra. There is no where else to run in the solar system because once the Belt Free State, the next victims of Terran aggression will be the Martian Commonwealth, the Jovian Hegemony and the Trans-Saturnian Dominion. With a starship load of valuable hallucinogenic drugs and weapons, Belt Free State President Bart Fraden, his mistress Sophia O'Hara, and military leader General Willem Vanderling select the planet Sangre as the target for their revolutionary ambitions. Isolated for at least 220 years, the planet Sangre has a human population of only 15 million, most of whom are slaves and meat animals owned by the decadent and cannibalistic Brotherhood of Pain. As the story unfolds, the three arrive on Sangre, spark a revolution among the slaves, suffer a falling out among themselves, and them lose control of the revolution that they started.”