The Memoirs of a Physician Volume 1 - Alexandre Dumas (1890 Little Brown and Company vintage hardback)

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Condition:  Acceptable: Very ornate red and gilt front cover and spine; slight darkening of the spine. The condition is about what you would expect for a 140+ year old book.  Signs of wear and consistent use. See images for the condition of this book.  It's still a lovely book for a collector!

Blurb: An unexpected detour from the standard novel of intrigue, Memoirs of a Physician is the first in a series of Marie Antoinette romances, which reveal the sinister events that led to the French Revolution. Memoirs of a Physician exudes suspense, humor, romance, longing to be, & the becoming itself--all of the qualities that place Dumas' novels among the greatest works of all time.

Series: Marie Antonette Romance series #1