The Master of Chaos - Terry A. Adams (Rare 1989 Daw Book Collectors No. 777 Paperback Richard Hescox Cover)

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Condition: Signs of wear and consistent use. See images for the condition of this book. White marks on these pages.

Blurb:  "When the Lady Hanna, a telepath of the planet D'neera, survived an encounter with a potentially deadly race of aliens and averted an interstellar war, she was claimed by the human worlds—whether she wished the honor or not as their chosen expert in first contact situations. Now, with the unexpected arrival of beings from the far-distant planet of Uskos, Hanna was once again embarking on a mission of peace to the stars. But what neither Hanna nor the alien ambassadors could foresee was that their journey to Uskos was about to be transformed into something reminiscent of the most famous of Uskosian legends, an odyssey contrived by the Master of Chaos himself! And this galaxy-spanning tale of cultures in collision would ultimately see Hanna's fate linked with that of a man seeking the key to his forgotten past and a people lost beyond the frontiers of known space...."

Series: Lady Hanna #2

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