The Mansion - Henry Van Dyke (Vintage 1911 1st Edition Illustrated Hardcover)

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Condition:  This used book is 109 years old. Inscription from the previous owner in the 30s. Illustrations by Elizabeth Shippen Green. Marks on board edges. Signs of wear and consistent use. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: "There was an air of calm and reserved opulence about the Weightman mansion that spoke not of money squandered, but of wealth prudently applied. Standing on a comer of the Avenue no longer fashionable for residence, it looked upon the swelling tide of business with an expression of complacency and half-disdain.

Van Dyke's Christmas story about a mansion that speaks "not of money squandered but of wealth prudently applied" - the companion story to The Other Wise Man."
Some internet reviewers have said:
"Short and sweet, but it delivers an excellent punch. Comparable to "Christmas Carol" for Christians. Definitely recommended —and one that will make you think.
Often read every year before Christmas."
"John Weightman gives a lot to the community, but it always to his own credit. When he goes to heaven, he watches as the other people are given beautiful mansions, and he can hardly wait to see how grand his mansion will be.  He learns that he had received his rewards on earth, and was given a little hut. At that point he opens his eyes, and he has learned an important lesson about giving without being rewarded."

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