The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - Aug. 1957 The Menace from Earth - Robert A. Heinlein

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Cover art: Mel Hunter

Blurb: “Walter M. Miller, Jr., has hitherto appeared in FESF only as the author of the celebrated canticles of St. Leibowitz; and some of you may have thought of him as an exclusively religious author indeed, we have one regular reader who is convinced that he's a pseudonymous cleric.

(As the old Irish woman said of the Episcopal priest, "Father is it?

And him a married man with four children!") To dispel such sus-picions, meet a different Miller: the harsh and brutal chronicler of life among construction men on Luna, where no laws of God or man seem sure of observance.

and where an alien invasion may be less to be dreaded than the advent of a shipload of Algerian tarts.”

The Lineman (short novel) - Walter M. Miller