The Little Colonel's Knight Comes Riding - Annie Fellows Johnston 1910 3rd Impression L.C. Page & Co. vintage hardcover

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Condition: Good condition for a used book! Some wear. Front hinge is cracked with webbing visible. Small corner piece of frontispiece tissue is missing. See images for the condition of this book. 3rd Impression.

This book features an Amy Sacker cover art.

Blurb: When she wrote this, Annie Fellows Johnston intended it to be the conclusion of the Little Colonel series. Of course, as it turned out, that would not be quite true. The stories continued, albeit through a somewhat different perspective, in the Mary Ware series. Only recently the maid of honor, now it will be the Little Colonel's turn to be the bride, at least that much of it we can give away! But who will it be? A "Knight Comes Riding" in every chapter, but who will finally measure up to the silver yardstick? Will it be one of our old friends, like Little Knight of Kentucky Malcolm MacIntyre, or perhaps Rob Moore, Alex Shelby, Phil Tremont, Jack Ware . . . they are all in the running! Or maybe it will be a new Knight that comes riding! You'll have to read the story to find out!

Series:  The Little Colonel #10