The Left Hand of the Electron - Isaac Asimov - 1972 1st Doubleday Hardback

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Blurb: “A wide-ranging collection of essays, explaining, among other things,

  • why the "overthrow" of an established principle is usually one of the best things that can happen to natural science.
  • what "polarized light" is (not really "polarized," for one thing), and how it contributed to our understanding of crystals.
  • what makes water a unique chemical compound-and uniquely important to us.
  • why Euclid's axioms were regarded as absolute truth for two thousand years-and why they aren't.
  • who first shouted "Eureka!" and why most scientists won't admit that they still do.
  • how a knowledge of Greek astronomy can enhance an understanding of Shakespeare, and shed some light on an old argument in the process.
  • and many more facts and phenomena of the world around us.