The Last Shoot-Out - William Hopson - 1958 Prestige Books Paperback

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Blurb: “Find Bud Corson's killer!

Ten years ago, when his old outlaw gang broke up, Ladino Peyron had pledged to help his old chief whenever he was needed. So when he got a letter holding him to his promise, Ladino sad-died up and headed for Bannerton, intending to do what the letter asked - find the killer of his one-time outlaw buddy, turned sheriff, Bud Corson.

But the other remaining members of the old outlaw gang had other plans for Ladino, plans that included using him as a hired gun. They didn't approve of him asking too many questions, particularly when the answers he got exposed their

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Almost too late, Ladino found out what was really going on in Bannerton. And when he did, a lot of men died.”