The Lady Serena - Jeanne Duval - 1979 1st Paperback

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Rome under Claudius Caesar. A city of intrigue and depravity where in the shadow of the throne a raging human inferno seethed. A city where Serena's vows as a Vestal Virgin set her apart as a symbol of inviolable purity.

But all too soon Serena discovered she was no holy vessel but flesh and blood - and she lost her innocence in the arms of the most forbidden of lovers.

Betrayed by the burning desires of her own body, Serena also lost her way on a terror-haunted journey that led her from the protective sanctuary to a nightmare brothel...from naked exposure in the slave market to the inmost circles of corruption in the Emperor's palace...and from the bliss of ecstasy to an agonizing realization that nothing was sacred in this world of splendor, seduction and savagery that was Ancient Rome...”