The Invaders Are Coming - Alan E. Nourse & J.A. Meyer

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Cover art: Ed Emshwiller

Blurb: “For a century America had been a securely isolated power without crisis, turmoil -- or progress. Then suddenly super-security measures were shattered by the theft of fissionable metal from an atomic power plant. When it leaked out that the thieves had been invaders from outer space -- alien monsters -- chaos reigned. The crisis called for a leader and the ruthless security chief, Julian Bahr, seized the helm, only to find everything he did strangely thwarted. Was there an alien "Fifth Column" in his own organization? Were the aliens already in control of the night skies? Were his growing nightmares a new form of secret weapon? Not until the last gripping page will you know the amazing secret that threatened America with total disaster. And by then you will have read one of the most outstanding, vividly exciting science-fiction novels ever written.”