The Incomplete Enchanter - L. Sprague De Camp & Fletcher Pratt - 1968 Pyramid Paperback - Jeff Jones Cover

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Cover art: Jeff Jones

Blurb: “The Incomplete Enchanter is a collection of two classic fantasy short stories by science fiction & fantasy authors L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt, the 1st volume in their Harold Shea series. It was 1st published in cloth by Henry Holt & Co. in '41, & in paper by Pyramid Books in '60. It's been reprinted by a number of other publishers since 1st appearance, & has more recently been combined with later books in the series in the omnibus editions The Compleat Enchanter ('75) & The Complete Compleat Enchanter ('89). It has also been published in Dutch. The pieces were originally published in the magazine Unknown in the May & August, '40 issue.
The Harold Shea stories are parallel world tales in which universes where magic works coexist with our own, & in which those based on the mythologies, legends & literary fantasies of our world & can be reached by aligning one's mind to them by a system of symbolic logic. In the stories collected as The Incomplete Enchanter, the authors' protagonist Harold Shea visits two such worlds, that of Norse mythology & that of Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene.
The two stories contained are "The Roaring Trumpet" & "The Mathematics of Magic".