The House on the Hill - Jane Whitehead - 1967 Lancer Books Paperback

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Blurb: “A Town of Enemies
No one wanted Nancy Robbins to stay in Malinville. Everywhere she turned, she saw only stony faces and cold stares. The powerful Malin family made it clear that they considered her an outsider who did not belong. The sheriff who could have helped her advised her to leave.

But she had to stay. Even if reason told her otherwise, her heart would not let her go. She had loved her sister, and her sister had died after marrying Jamie Malin. There could be no peace for Nancy until she found out how and why.

It took all her determination to see her through. There were vicious confrontations, savage fights...even a duel. And finally Nancy found the one man who could help her, ease her troubled heart...and then steal it.”