The Historians' History of the United States - Andrew S. Berry & James P. Shenton (HC with DJ, 2 volume set)

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Condition: Signs of wear and consistent use on slipcase. The slipcase did its job though, the dust jacket covers are both bright and beautiful. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: "The Historians' History of the United States focuses on the pivotal events of American history. Introductory texts follow the mainstream of American history and set each of the sections from contributing historians in perspective. The value of these books is not only in the pageant of events it presents, but in the view it offers of the scope and extent of the interpretation and presentation of history. Chapters cover such subjects as: Discovery and Colonization; Drive for Independence; A New Commonwealth; The Middle Years; Union on Trial; Expanding Horizons; The Republic Marks Time; America Become a World Power; Challenge and Response."

Provides the historical writing of Edward P. Cheney, John Fiske, Charles M. Andrews, Edward Gaylord Bourne, James Truslow Adams, Francis Parkman, Herbert L. Osgood, Edward Channing, Carl L. Becker, Sydney George Fisher, Moses Coit Tyler, George Bancroft, Richard B. Morris, Charles A. and Mary R. Beard, J. Franklin Jameson, Henry Adams, Claude G. Bowers, Theodore Roosevelt, John Bach McMaster, Alfred T. Mahan, Frederick Jackson Turner, Hiram Martin Chittenden, John Spencer Bassett, James Ford Rhodes, William E. Dodd, Albert Bushnell Hart, Ulrich Bonnell Phillips, Bruce Catton, Douglas Southall Freeman, John G. Nicolay, and William Archibald Dunning, Vernon Louis Parrington, Merle Curti, Walter Prescott Webb, Allan Nevins, Oscar Handlin, Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Ida M. Tarbell, Richard Hofstadter, Samuel Flagg Bemis, and Henry Steele Commager.

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