The High Crusade - Poul Anderson - 1968 Macfadden Paperback - Jack Faragasso Cover

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Cover artist: Jack Faragasso

Blurb: "In the year 1345 A.D. (by Earth reckoning), the might Wersgorix, undisputed rulers of outer space, landed on Earth in their quest for new worlds to conquer. Their ship carried guided missiles and thermonuclear device, but they had long since forgotten how to use the weapons necessary for hand-to-hand fighting.

So they were easy prey for a band of knights armed with battleaxes and broadswords. But it was a victory won by surprise, and only temporary. The invaders were thousands of years ahead of Earth in technical knowledge--and knew countless ways of blowing up the whole planet."

Awards: Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novel (1961)