The Glory That Was - L. Sprague De Camp - 1979 Ace Books - Steve Hickman Cover

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Cover art: Stephen Hickman

Blurb: “World Emperor Vasil IX rules the 27th century with a hand too eccentric to be called "iron,' but plenty heavy in its own way. He has ordered the area called "Greece" sealed off with a force wall - and all over the rest of the world, people of Greek descent are mysteriously disappearing. Wiyem Flin's wife is one of the missing, and he means to find out why. He breaks through the force wall into the forbidden area-only to have his yacht rammed by what appears to be a Classical Greek trireme! And what is to become of a man of the future in the Athens of Perikles...

"The best fantasy is usually no more than light wine, the worst mere soda pop, all bubbles and synthetic flavor....In this analogy I would class de Camp's fiction as a very dry Martini."

- ROBERT A. HEINLEIN, from his Introduction”