The Genetic General - Gordon R. Dickson - 1960 Ace Books Paperback

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Cover artist: Unknown

Blurb: “The story of Donal Graeme of the Dorsai has become a classic of science-fiction interstellar conflict. Gordon R. Dick-son's first great novel, it is a powerful vision of a family bred to military tri-umphs, and of the vast star-strewn galactic civilization which required the services of such a genetically bred family of generals.

Donal, Dorsai of the Dorsai, was the final outcome of that long inheritance

-a master of space war and strategy-and yet Donal was something new also.

For he was the focus of a strange force beyond himself, possibly beyond the very galaxy he served - and that force would place him at the very focal point of a crisis where he would "have to tackle the impossible and conquer the invincible!"

"A cracking good story," was the summation of Galaxy magazine on THE GENETIC GENERAL.”