The Friendly Guide to Mythology - Nancy Hathaway (2001 Penguin Hardcover)

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Blurb: The fifth book in the Friendly series, "The Friendly Guide to Mythology" an invigorating foray into the stories, motifs, themes, and personalities of the mythological world.This book covers:
-- The chronology of mythology
-- Major creation myths
-- Goddesses
-- The Greeks
-- Heros and heroines
-- A glossary of gods, goddesses, monsters, and mortals

In recent years, mythology has been resurrected from the musty stacks of academia to enjoy a resurgence in popularity. It figures in the works of artists, writers, and filmmakers as well as in the ordinary lives of many people. Everyday culture has been influenced by Carl G. Jung's popular psychological approach to mythology and Joseph Campbell's use of mythology as a personal tool whose purposes are creative, psychological, and spiritual.

"The Friendly Guide to Mythology" is an irreverent, clear, and stimulating book for those who know something about the subject, as well as for those who don't know the difference between Aphrodite and Artemis and wonder what "the hero's journey" really is. Although the focus of the book is primarily Greek and Roman mythology, it includes a multicultural blend of myths from China, Japan, the Aztecs and Myans from Mexico, Hopi and Cherokee traditions, India, Brazil, Zulus and Wutes from East Africa, Iceland, and many others. With its multitude of stories and unexpected array of sidebars, this book presents the basics and beyond in a refreshing and entertaining way. Like the other Friendly guides, it is notable for the individuality of its presentation, its unexpected juxtapositions, its lively scholarship, and its browsability.