The Fortress of the Pearl - Michael Moorcock - 1990 Ace Books Paperback - Dawn Wilson Cover

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Cover art: Dawn Wilson

Blurb: “At last, award-winning author Michael

Moorcock unveils a never-before-told chapter in one of the greatest sagas in modern fantasy.

This all-new adventure marks the glorious return of the warrior Elric and his vampiric blade, Stormbringer. A stunning journey into the human imagination ...


In a decadent desert city, where water is more precious than jewels, young Elric is poisoned-and blackmailed. To obtain the antidote, he must steal a magnificent pearl, which exists only in the mind of a sleeping princess.

There is but one way for Elric to succeed.

He must journey through a strange realm of unbelievable beauty, wonder, and terror...

... He must enter the girl's dreams.

"A pro's pro...Michael Moorcock is not afraid to dream big."

-The Coast Book Review Service

"Inventive!"-Kirkus Reviews”

ISBN: 0-441-24866-7