The Forever War - Joe Haldeman - 2009 SF Masterworks Gollancz Paperback - Chris Moore Cover

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Condition: Great. Please see the images for more details.

Cover Art: Chris Moore

If you have less than 25 sci-fi books in your collection, make sure this bad boy is in it. IF you have more, maybe even already a copy of this book, the Dorian Vallejo cover is one of the best ones out there!

Publisher blurb: "Private William Mandella is a hero in spite of himself -- a reluctant conscript drafted into an elite military unit, and propelled through space and time to fight in a distant thousand-year conflict. He never wanted to go to war, but the leaders on Earth have drawn a line in the interstellar sand -- despite the fact that their fierce alien enemy is unknowable, unconquerable, and very far away. So Mandella will perform his duties without rancor and even rise up through the military's ranks... if he survives. But the true test of his mettle will come when he returns to Earth. Because of the time dilation caused by space travel the loyal soldier is aging months, while his home planet is aging centuries -- and the difference will prove the saying: you never can go home...."

1975 Nebula Winner
1976 Hugo Winner
1976 Locus SF Winner