The Five Hour Workday - Stephan Aarstol - Hardback

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"At Tower, an amazing experiment is being conducted to disrupt what has not changed much since the Industrial Revolution: the idea that, as workers, we all need to spend five full days of the week doing our jobs. Stephan challenges this and shows that a near 40% reduction in time working is possible. Read the book. See for yourself."

- Thales Teixeira, Harvard Business School Professor

"Stephan Aarstol's decision to implement The Five Hour

Workday is a great example of companies putting purpose and people above profit. When more leaders step up and realize that our jobs should be an extension of our values - not a place to go to make ends meet-that is when we'll see a significant change in how business is done. We share Stephan's purpose-driven mentality at Gravity Payments.

Our hope is bolder actions like this will catch on. Those at the top need to do the best for those they're leading."

- Dan Price, Founder and CEO of Gravity Payments and originator of the $70K minimum wage

TSBN 978-1-61961-437-6”