The Fire Dancer Trilogy - Ann Maxwell - Signet Paperback Bundle

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Cover art: Unknown

Blurb: “The complete Dancer Trilogy! 


The Senyas dancers--they practiced their unique skills on their home planet, Deva, their smooth skin glowing with complex energy patterns as they learned the power dances and mentally mastered the elemental forces of Nature. And the Bre'n mentors--large, fur-covered humanoids, they were the only living beings who could control and channel the power of a Senyas dancer. Yet Bre'n and Senyas together could not save Deva from becoming a flaming inferno devoured by its own greedy sun.

Somehow two survived--Rheba the fire dancer and Kirtn, her Bre'n companion. Their world had died but they swore their people would not, and together they set out to search the star systems for others of their kind. But the twisted trail they followed soon forced them into the clutches of the evil Loo-chim, galactic slavers from whose stronghold no one had ever escaped alive...“