The Dreaming City - Michael Moorcock - 1972 Prestige Books Paperback

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Blurb: “He was all in black: the massive breast-plate, the padded jerkin, the long greaves, the mail gauntlets. At his side was a five-foot broadsword that was said to have belonged to the human hero. Aubec. Resting on the deck was the great round war-board, his shield, bearing the sign of the swooping dragon. A black helm crowned him, with a dragon's head on the peak and dragon's wings flaring backward, a dragon's tail curling down. All about him was black, but for the white shadow within the helm, from which glared two crimson orbs. Wisps of milk-white hair strayed from beneath the helm, and in the scant light the fine, handsome features of the albino emperor suddenly stood out. He listened for the first sound of the approaching battle.....

(This book was later reprinted under the title of Elric of Melibone)”