The Double Spiral War Trilogy - Warren C. Norwood - Bantam Books Paperback Bundle

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Blurb: “Leaving behind their homeworld of Earth, the descendants of man set our across the dark ocean of space to find new worlds to conquer.

There, centuries later, two mighty powers —the United Central Systems and the Sondak confederacy -clashed in a titanic struggle to control the stars: THE DOUBLE-SPIRAL WAR

Strategically located halfway between the U.C.S. and Sondak, the Matthews system commanded space for a hundred thousand parsecs in all directions. It was here, in the opening campaign of the war, that two old enemies met once again in a deadly dance of maneuver and counterstrike. And it was here that two young lovers were torn apart by the bitter winds of war....

"IN MIDWAY BETWEEN, Warren Norwood demonstrates to wondrous effect the power and style that have made him one of the top writers in the field today.

Packed with action and conflict, it is the story of all-out war on an intergalactic scale, war that profoundly affects the lives of innumerable human and alien races stretched over vast distances" — Mike McQuay, author of JITTERBUG”