The Devil’s Dreamer - Alice Brennan - 1971 Prestige Books Paperback

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Blurb: ”Can You Die In A Dream?

This was impossible — this room, this place. Where was she, and how had she come to be here? Carsa caught her breath on a sob of relief, for it was morning, and daylight was filtering through the drawn shades.

Then she saw that the light, which was very bright and had a strange bluish cast, came from only one spot. It seemed to come from a woman who stood in a large circle. Long hair, pale and silky, flowed over her shoulders and blue eyes burned bright with golden light. There was something horrifyingly familiar about the face, and Carsa struggled with a memory that was just out of reach. Then the woman spoke.

“This is a dream. Everything that happens to you, everyone you meet, is part of the dream. When you awaken, it will be an awakening to death…”