The Day The Oceans Overflowed - Charles L. Fontenay (1964 Monarch Books vintage paperback)

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Blurb: It was November, 1997, and the governments of the world had pooled their scientific resources to solve the population explosion. Their plan was to open up an entire new continent by slowly melting the polar regions with atomic heat.

The project had been in operation only a month when a sudden buildup occurred in the reaction. Before it could be checked the most massive hydrogen explosion the world had ever seen was set off.

Tidal waves 150 to 200 feet high 'swept over the Earth. Torrential rains and earthquakes claimed millions; property dam-age was incalculable; refugees swarmed over the country like locusts, looting and killing in their quest for survival.

It was a world where only the most ruthless men could hold out against the terrible flood that threatened extinction for the whole human race.