The Dark - James Herbert - 1980 1st Signet Books Paperback

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Blurb: “IT CAME LIKE A MALIGNANT SHADOW numbing people's minds with icy tendrils of blackness and seductively whispered promises of infinite powen And somewhere in the night... a beautiful little gir set her home ablaze and watched, smiling, while her mother burned...the inmates of an asylum slaughtered their attendants and set out on a senseless rampage of bloody destruction... the slimy tunnels of the London sewer system echoed with the dragging footsteps of creatures that had once been human, but were now gathering to make war on mankind... All over the city — in private homes, quiet parks, a jam-packed soccer stadium, on the roads and streets - madness raged as the lights began to dim, fade, and go out, and humanity was relentlessly attacked by an ancient, unstoppable evil.... THE DARK”